World’s Worst Traffic Snarls

If you are responsible for handling transport contracts and ensuring the right goods are taken to the right places across the country, the chances are you’ll get stuck in a tail back sooner or later. But while there are plenty of jokes about British traffic, such as the M25 being a large car park, you should count your blessings. If you were working in the transport industry in some other parts of the world it appears you are lucky to get anywhere at all!

We’ve taken a look at some of the worst ever traffic jams around the globe. Once you have read these, you will realise how lucky you are on the M25.

Moscow in Russia

This hit the headlines in December 2012 after a heavy fall of snow prevented a long line of trucks from getting to their destinations. It was estimated that several thousand trucks were stuck during a period of around three days. Drivers trying to fulfil their transport contracts to and from Moscow suffered enormously during this time. The huge tail back was blamed not just on the weather, but on the fact it occurred on a forest road. This obviously made life even harder for those involved, as there were no services they could pull off at.

Bad weather strikes again – this time in Pennsylvania

This traffic jam got as long as 50 miles at one point, after another fall of heavy snow caused chaos to everyone, not just those just working out their transport contracts. Apparently a number of vehicles crashed in the bad conditions, slowing down traffic as a result. Unfortunately, the authorities didn’t prevent other drivers from getting onto the interstate, which made the queue even worse than it was to start with. Some had to spend an entire 24 hours in their vehicles in freezing conditions.

The Great Paris Jam of 1980

Haulage workers on transport contracts in France weren’t the only ones that were in trouble back in 1980, when everyone decided to return from holiday at the same time. All the returning holidaymakers piled onto the Autoroute that runs between the French capital and Lyon. Estimates put the number of cars involved in this jam at an amazing 18 million. It went on for over a hundred miles, which is probably why it was mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Ouch! As you can see there are worse things than the M25, or indeed many other British motorways. And these examples are just the tip of the iceberg – there are traffic jams occurring every day in all corners of the globe. So the next time you get stuck in a tail back, just remember it could be a whole lot worse than it is. You’ll be home sooner than you think.