What Does Crossbow Specifications Mean?


The specification, or commonly known as specs, is the information given by the producers about the nature of the product they sell to the market. This piece of information is what the buyers need to know in order to assess if the product is worth to buy or not. It shows the quality, durability and nature of a tool. Specifications are helpful in differentiating various models of a product from each other. This is important since it enables buyer to get the most suitable product that their current states need.

In buying a crossbow, it is convenient to read its specifications. The material used, as well as the size and measurements of this tool, are very crucial. The nature of this equipment variably affects its performance. Sometimes, the skills of a shooter were affected by the quality of his tool. The nature of one’s bow can further improve the experience of the user while others can augment one’s particular technique and skill in using the tool. The specs of the equipment may be good for others while for some it is not. It is possible that specs can detrimentally change user’s skills, techniques, and styles.

Specifications include powerstroke, stock length, camo pattern, rated speed, overall length, axle to axle, mass weight, string length and cable length. One must check all of these to ensure that it is of best quality. The powerstroke, which is also known as the draw length, is the distance between the string’s position at rest to its position when it is fully drawn. The stock length is the framework length of the crossbow. Axle to axle is the length of the string when cocked. Mass weight is the overall weight while the rated speed is the speed of bolts when release.

Many experienced hunters and hunting enthusiasts demand for higher quality of various aspects of the equipment. Some would demand longer power stroke in order to increase the speed by which the arrow or bolt will be propelled. Some would choose to buy ones with lesser mass weight for long hunting trips. But there are those who would just change the camo pattern to blend with their hunting environment. Again, to choose the right tool that will fit your taste, check the specification.

It is said that the most essential part that can affect its quality are its firing power and range. Depending on the type, users must find the right and balance qualities if one wants to have the best and the appropriate firing power and range. Some derive their power from their draw weight and draw length or the power stroke, especially the recurve-type ones. However, compound ones have mechanical advantages such as wheels and cam which gives it a cocking advantage and slight increase in power and range.

An important note to take: different types have different specifications. Specifications is the link of the equipment to their prospective buyers and owners. Specifications help buyers and owners weigh the pros and cons of having the particular crossbow.