Trout Fishing With a Spinning Rod and Reel


When most people hear the term 'trout fishing' they automatically think of fly fishing, but the truth of the matter is that this should not be the case. More than twenty years ago I was taught that trout fishing with a spinning rod and reel could be taken just as seriously as fly fishing, without all of the pretentiousness that often accompanies the style of fishing called fly fishing. Below I will outline a few of the lessons that were taught to me so that you can begin to realize that trout fishing with a spinning rod and reel can be taken seriously as well.

The first thing to consider when it comes to fishing for trout with a spinning gear is the action of the rod and reel that you are using. Many "newbie" trout fishermen use rods and reels that are entirely too heavy for this type of fishing and this is a big mistake. You always want to use a spinning rod and reel that are ultralight action anytime that you are fishing for trout.

The reason for this is simple, ultralight action gear is designed specifically for using light fishing line and small baits and lures, all of which are integral to trout fishing success. Which brings us to our next tip to fishing for trout with a spinning rod and reel, light fishing line. Your reel should be spooled with two, four, or six pound test line, with two and four pound test being the ideal weight and six pound test being as heavy as you should ever use for trout fishing .

How about the types of baits that should be used? Trout will bite on a variety of baits and lures from live fishing worms, maggots, and grubs to small in-line spinners and spoons to two to three inch crank baits that mimic natural forage. You may not know this, but artificial flies can be used while trout fishing with a spinning rod and reel by utilizing something called a casting bubble.

Trout can be fished for in rivers and streams or in lakes and ponds. The techniques and rigs that will be utilized in each type of water will be different when you are trout fishing with a spinning rod and reel, so a little research and / or trial and error on the water will go along way towards catching trout. The bottom line is that if the aforementioned lessons are adhered to, you will have an enjoyable and successful time on the water fishing for trout.