Thrill Your Family With Maine Lobsters


Regardless of how you will be serving the lobster, you first need to learn how to get to the meat.. While it can be messy at first, once you learn the method and get a little practice time in, it really is not very difficult. Lobster comes in three sections, so your first task is to separate the sections. This is done by breaking the sections apart at the joint. Bend the joint until it cracks, then pull the sections apart. Once that is accomplished you are faced with the more difficult task; cracking the shell.

The easiest way to crack the shells is to have a set of lobster crackers. These are like nut crackers, and are designed specifically for breaking lobster claws. You need to crack the claws and pull them apart to get to the meat inside.

While lobster claws can hold their own as an excellent entrée, they also work well as an ingredient in other dishes as well. On a cool evening your family would really enjoy a nice hot bowl of lobster chowder or lobster bisque. When cooked in one of these soups, the flavor of the lobster meat is released into the cream base of the soup, giving it a sweet flavor.

You can also use lobster meat as an ingredient in a stir-fry, with some fresh vegetables and served over white rice. Or how about lobster mat in a white wine sauce, served over a bed of fresh linguine. Might also want to consider a fresh lobster leg salad served over chilled mixed salad greens.

Besides the flavor, another desirable quality of Maine lobster [] tails are that they are a healthy choice to add to your menu. The meat from lobster tails are low in fat, but it is also high in Omega-3 oils. That means it is not only heart healthy, but also has essential oils that have been shown to help prevent cancer.