The Perfect Barbecue Ribs – 7 Tips on How to Make Them


There are many ways to make barbecue pork ribs. Here are seven tips on how to make the perfect spareribs, every time.

  1. You need to have a barbecue smoker. You can get a good barbecue smoker at any price point. There are many internet sites that will provide you with information on and even sell you a good barbecue smoker. There are basically three types of smokers. They are the offset smoker, the vertical smoker, or the kettle smoker. Any of these three types will make excellent barbecue if you use them correctly.
  2. You need to have a good slab of ribs. Most barbecue chefs will have their ribs trimmed “St. Louis Style”. Ask your butcher to do that for you. If he will not do it, or doesn’t know how, get a different butcher. Make sure he pulls off that grayish membrane off the back side f the ribs. If he doesn’t do that, you’ll have to pull it off yourself.
  3. Season your ribs with a barbecue rub. A barbecue rub is a spice mixture that is used to add flavor and taste to the ribs. There are many recipes for barbecue rubs. Any good barbecue cook book will have many different recipes for barbecue rubs. Pick one that sounds good to you. experiment until you find one that you love, or create your own spice blend recipe.
  4. Cook your ribs in your smoker following the smoker directions at a low heat, around 235 degrees for about four to five hours. This is what is known as “low and slow.” Great barbecue is always cooked “low and slow.’
  5. If you intend to sauce your ribs, don’t apply the sauce until the last stages of the cooking process. Use either a packaged sauce that you like, there is plenty of them available,or make your own. You will find plenty of sauce recipes in any good barbecue technique book.
  6. Serve the ribs with extra sauce on the side.
  7. Provide plenty of napkins or paper towels for eating ribs. Ribs are messy. You don’t want your guests to be put off eating your ribs because they might get messy. Provide them a way to clean up after wards and they will enjoy your ribs with reckless abandon.

If you follow these 7 tips, you will be making perfect smoked barbecue ribs every time.