The Most Affordable Bass Boat On The Market


Whenever you think of a bass boat, what is it that you think of? I would assume one of those beautiful, often brightly colored, boats that we all see on television that go upwards of seventy miles per hour. These boats sit high in the water, have a trolling motor mounted to the front of them, and are absolutely perfect fishing for most all species of bass. The only issue with traditional bass boats such as these are their extremely high price tag.

For the average angler a more affordable bass boat is normally what is needed and in this article I will outline one of the best. It’s called the inflatable pontoon boat. This relatively new type of boat is definitely the most affordable bass boat on the market, and these unique boats are available in many different sizes and configurations to meet any anglers specifications, including bass fishermen.

The key points about these boats is the fact that they are incredibly portable and also quite inexpensive, especially when compared to the price of a “traditional” style bass boat. Many inflatable pontoon boats are equipped with a pair of inflatable heavy duty pontoons, with a seat (or two in some cases) mounted in between the pontoons. This style of bass boat normally leaves the fisherman with his or her feet dangling in the water, which some bass fishermen don’t want to deal with, although for others this fact isn’t a problem at all.

In the cases where this is a problem, a personal fishing boat such as the Sea Eagle frameless pontoon boat is probably the most affordable bass boat option. This unique fishing boat offers the ability to keep the fisherman completely dry, while also offering the maneuverability and functionality of the previously outlined personal pontoon boats. These boats are even available with options such as a motor mount (for a trolling motor), removable swivel seat, rod holders, and even a striping apron if needed.

No matter how you slice it there is little doubt that personal pontoon boats (in whatever configurations works for you and your favorite style of bass fishing) are the most affordable boats on the market. If you’ve never checked them out, you should sooner rather than later.