Salmon Fishing Tips and Techniques


Salmon fishing is not as simple and easy as you might think. The truth is that there are several unique salmon fishing tips and techniques, the most common of which are as follows:

1) Jigging – This technique has a lot to do with how good and efficient you are in handling your fishing pole and in controlling your lures. Your goal in this technique is to make your baits or lures move and seem life-like to entice salmons to take their bites. Jigging often involves placing weighed baits or lures on the ends of your fishing lines. You then lower them into the water, raise them up, lower them down again then repeat the process. Keep on doing this lowering and raising of baits at various time intervals till the salmons take their bites. There are a few things you need to pay attention to if you're going to use this technique like where salmons usually lay their eggs so you will know where to jig. Take note as well of the colors of your jigs. As much as possible, use the colors blue or green since these colors attracts salmons more

2) Trolling – This technique is employed using a moving boat. Usually you will have to use a lot of different poles, baits and lures in this technique. You use different lengths of fishing lines, different baits, different weights and different depths of the lures.

3) Fly fishing – In this technique of salmon fishing, as the name suggests, you make use of artificial or fake flies. You cast the fake flies over the water using fly lines and fly rods.

4) Water skimming – This is in part similar to salmon jigging but differs in the way it's done. In skimming, you cast out your lure into the water but before the lure goes under the water, you slowly and cautiously pull the lure back up using your fishing reel or rod. This would cause the lure to steadily slide along the surface, mimicking the swimming movements of tiny fishes.

There are other techniques of salmon fishing, but the above-mentioned are the most common and effective ones. It's recommended that you try your hands on one or all of them before branching out to other fishing techniques.