Popcorn Butter Dispenser – Guidelines for Alternatives to the Theater Product


If you love popcorn, then most most likely you can want to discover the excellent popcorn butter dispenser.

Commercial butter dispensers are high-priced and can just take up a large amount of space. Is there an alternative to the butter dispensers you obtain at the theater?

Your Popcorn Butter Dispenser – Theater Design or Make Do at Property?

When you purchase popcorn at the film theater, the salesperson will most most likely question you if you want butter on it.

The theater may deliver true melted butter, or they could have some kind of melted butter-flavored liquid things (often known as “buttery topping”) that they will squirt on the popcorn from a box with a significant dispenser pump on top rated.

Possibly way, the popcorn is delectable!

Is this the variety of popcorn you want to love at house? Several people do.

So you have a alternative. You can choose for the authentic factor, a industrial popcorn butter dispenser that retains the butter melted and prepared to pour on your popped deal with, or you can make do with an substitute dispenser.

Theater Popcorn Butter Dispensers Can Be Pretty High-priced

The butter dispensers you come across at the theater are commercial designs, and though they do a good career at maintaining the butter melted at just the correct temperature, they are quite pricey.

On the other hand, melting butter on your stove is a bit of a haphazard point. If you keep the butter on the stove with the burner lit below it, the butter stays melted but it could also melt away. It is not exciting to pour burned butter on your popcorn treat. Yuck.

Industrial popcorn butter dispensers do a excellent task at holding the butter melted at just the appropriate temperature.

These styles have a stainless metal tub inside of the dispenser that is surrounded by hot water. The dispenser has a hotter in it that retains the h2o at just the right temperature to retain the butter at melting place. When the day is above, the stainless metal tub of butter is taken out and placed in the fridge and the dispenser is unplugged. No waste, no stress.

Nonetheless, rates for these theater popcorn butter dispensers usually get started at about $150 and go up to as a lot as $400. There are even some versions that operate much more than $1000.

For most persons, expending that form of dollars on a peripheral merchandise is absurd!

Try out These Substitute Popcorn Butter Dispensers at Household

Locating an substitute to the theater popcorn butter dispensers is really a typical thread on community forums.

Many people today balk at the notion of shelling out hundreds of pounds on something they may possibly use sporadically.

Instead, others have suggested employing a ceramic fondue pot as an option popcorn butter dispenser.

The fondue pot frequently works by using a smaller lit votive candle or Sterno can to melt the contents of the pot. It can work effectively to maintain the butter melted at just the ideal temperature without burning.

Photograph employing this variety of pot and candle to maintain butter melted for lobster. It functions!

A person downside to the fondue pot notion is that it can be difficult to pour the butter on to the popcorn devoid of earning a modest mess.

A second recommendation is to store eBay periodically. In some cases you can obtain a business popcorn butter dispenser for sale when anyone sells their concession or theater tools. Be aware, nevertheless, that most likely you can be paying close to $100 for the dispenser, even although it may well be used.

Numerous folks commented that they will place some butter in a squeeze bottle and put it in the microwave for a number of times. There is a issue, however, that the bottle by itself may melt, which could make a mess and/or trigger burns. If you try this, be incredibly mindful.

Test the Presto Sizzling Topper

A single plan that numerous individuals have found useful is to appear for the Presto Scorching Topper. This is a dispenser that is specially made to melt butter so you can spray it on popcorn, corn-on-the-cob, pancakes or waffles, baste a turkey, and so on.

Critiques for utilizing this as a popcorn butter dispenser have been really beneficial, with quite a few people today stating they seriously like it. 1 female wrote that her little ones get in touch with the Sizzling Topper the “Butter Gun.” It is effortless to use and effortless to clear.

Just one drawback is that the Hot Topper will not appear to be to be created any much more by Presto. The superior information is that it can be discovered pretty consistently on eBay, at a value of somewhere amongst $5 and $20.

You may well choose to obtain a commercial popcorn butter dispenser, but if not, the Presto Scorching Topper may possibly be your best alternative for having fun with melted butter on your popcorn.