Outdoor Metal Signs With Rust Stains is Like Ketchup on a Wedding Dress!


"Please pardon me, but you have a little something on your outdoor metal sign …"

Have you ever seen someone completely put together, with hair, apparel and make-up converging for a perfect polished look? However, when that vision of loveliness turns around and lo and behold, the subject has a spot of lobster sauce on her chin? Suddenly all you can see is that spot and the polished person may as well be wearing a clown suit at that point!

Not only have we all witnessed a similar scene, we've all been there ourselves, in some way. The experience is embarrassing because our efforts to look beautiful are defeated by a small but distracting intruder. Unfortunately, sometimes metal signs outdoors suffer the samebarbarment with intrusive rust. You've likely seen it before yourself and like the person above, you can not focus on the message of the sign with that bit of rust creeping in. That's a real shame because the owner of that outdoor metal sign spent some of his marketing budget to get just the right look and feel.

What he got with his outdoor metal sign was the wrong kind of attention.

Do not People Make Mistakes? And Do not Metal Outdoor Signs Naturally Rust Over Time?

Of course people make mistakes – that's why it's better to laugh when someone points out your stain because chances are, it's happened to them, too. We are certainly not alone in our lack of perfection. However, outdoor metal signs are often made of an aluminum-based material which has a natural coating of aluminum oxide that prevents rusting. So, if aluminum is a natural foil to rust, then how does rust get on these outdoor metal signs?

A metal outdoor sign is made-to-order in sign shops such as ours and ensured to last for years. However, some sign makers go through all the trouble of using quality materials and then back pedal by using hardware that does not resist rust.

Sadly enough, this happens far too often; just look around any business district. In fact, some metal signs have so much rusty hardware that it is hard to read them. Rusty runoff from such rain-exposed hardware can send ugly reddish-orange streaks racing across any type of sign. And once your metal outdoor signage has been discolored with rust, good luck getting it off. It usually is therefor the duration.

Thankfully, there are sign stores, including ours, who put just as much effort into the details of sign constructing as the larger picture of the metal outdoor sign itself.

How Can I Keep My Outdoor Metal Sign A Polished, Attractive Surface?

The solution to avoiding rusty hardware in your metal sign is both simple and inexpensive. Simply get the sign shop's guarantee that your custom outdoor metal sign will be installed with hardware made of galvanized or stainless steel.

Yes, it's that easy.

And yes, it's inexpensive.

Galvanized and stainless steel hardware costs only around $ 5 more than non rust-resistant zinc plated hardware. So why would not you spend a little more to ensure your outdoor metal sign looks its best for years to come? Would not you pay $ 5 more to ensure that your wedding dress never get a blemish?

Oops – Napkin, Please! There's Already A Spot On My Outdoor Metal Sign!

Unfortunately, you can probably only keep the rust on your outdoor metal signage from getting worse at this point. Mild, soapy water or a car cleaner is what we recommend for trying rust removal. Use a soft cloth. The most important thing to remember about cleaning your outdoor metal sign is never to use anything harsh on your sign.

Once you've tried to clean your metal outdoor sign, waste no time replacing the hardware, doing so one piece at a time for the safety of the sign. Sure, this is a hassle, but it's more cost-effective than replacing your entire metal outdoor sign.

A second option is to coat the existing hardware in a rust-proof liquid. Priming and coating each piece of your hardware in this protective liquid can help seal your hardware against damaging rust.

So while you may not be able to get rid of the stain from your clothing, you can keep the glass of red wine from completely doing it in!

The Best Way To Remove A Ketchup Stain Is Not To Get One At All

It is too simple to prevent ugly, distracting rust from ruining the appearance and professionalism of your outdoor metal sign. Remember to demand galvanized or stainless steel in the production and installation of your custom outdoor metal sign and your sign is guaranteed to forever and a day be the belle of the ball!