Organizing Events Photos For Scrapbooking


Often the biggest impediment to getting parties, holidays, and celebrations scrapbooked is making the time to go through the many photos you took at the event. Here’s an approach for organizing and winnowing down the number of pictures you put onto your events scrapbook pages.  Impossible as it sounds – try to do this quickly. Your first instincts will guide you well.

First pass at selecting photos for events scrapbooking

Take your stack of photos – or open up the event folder in your computer photo editor/browser software – and make a first pass through them, pulling the ones you really like. Pulling digital shots involves either “flagging” them or putting them in their own folder. In Picasa, this is done by clicking on the yellow star at the bottom while your photo is selected. If you’re using acdSee, you put a checkmark in the small box on the photo thumbnail. If you’re using other software, do a quick search in the software help area for “tag.” When working on scrapbooking the photos from a Labor Day picnic, my first pass resulted in 42 photos that I liked.

Second pass at selecting photos for events scrapbooking

Take your pulled shots. Digitally this means going to the folder or “starred” area. In Picasa, I went to the “Starred Photos” folder holding my 42 selected shots. Now it’s time to figure out some logical groupings. With most photo editors/browsers, you can drag photos around on the screen, and move those that are realted next to one another. For my Labor Day picnic, the logical groupings turned out to be:

1) photos of people in boats;

2) photos of guests playing on the rope swing; and

3) photos of people just hanging out and eating.

Third pass at selecting photos for events scrapbooking.

With your photos grouped, it’s easier to see the duplicates and photos that just don’t add a lot. “Un-Star” those photos to reduce the number of photos you’ve chosen. With prints–just remove them from the stack. I got mine down to 19 starred photos that I think I will use. Once I print them and start pushing them around the page, the number might get smaller.

Those extra events photos

Remember: extra photos can go in album pocket pages or pockets that you build onto your scrapbook page.