Learn How to Identify Birds


Part of being a bird lover is learning how to properly identify birds and luckily for amateurs, they can easily learn this by observing them that visit their yards to use their bird feeders and baths. With that said it is beneficial to have these two things around if you wish to attract them and at the same time, learn more about how to identify them. There are 2 ways when it comes to identifying birds. The first of which is through sight and the other is through sound. Yes, you can learn how to identify birds through the sounds that they make. Remember Cameron Diaz in the Charlie's Angels movie? Well, she was able to identify a particular bird just listening to the kind of chirping sound it made. So, will we get started with learning more about these two methods?

A field guide should be very helpful if you want to learn how to identify birds through the way they look. These are books that have pictures and ample descriptions of the various birds that might come and visit your yard. You might want to consider getting books that show birds common to your country as well as migratory birds that regularly visit places near where you live. Some books have very limited information so choose yours well. The first question that you have to ask when identifying birds by sight is "how big is the bird?" as this could easily narrow your search down. Afterwards, take a look at the bird's plume. Check your book for similar colorings. The colorings help identify one bird from the other, although there are certain birds that have pretty similar looking plumes. If that is the case, check for other identifying features such as their beak, head, legs and tail.

Fact is, learning how to identify birds will not be easy the first time that you give it a try. It can take a few months before you get used to the differences and the similarities because certain factors may affect how a particular bird looks. Depending on the hour of day, a brown bird can appear to be of a different color.

Now, let's talk about identifying birds through sound. For this, you would need to tune your ear to a bird's song. Yes, it would be more difficult than identification through sight but it is also useful if you intend to bird watch in larger outdoor spaces. At home, you may practice through the different bird species that visit your yard. Check out your feeders and bath, are there any birds there? Listen to their bird song. Is it high? Low? Do they sing with a particular pattern? Write this information down and look up the bird that's been making the sound. With time and practice, you'll be able to do this easily.

So there you have it, just a few tips when it comes to learning how to identify birds. Regardless of which method you choose, remember that it would be beneficial to have feeders and baths in your backyard in order to attract these winged creatures which should allow you to practice your newly found skills. Good luck!