Kauai on Horseback


So you’re planning a trip to Kauai Hawaii. You’re probably planning the usual… sunbathing on the beach, taking a tour of the island… but there may be an attraction you haven’t considered that may just make your entire Kauai vacation more memorable.

Horseback riding on Kauai… what could be more romantic? Imagine you and your significant other exploring the beach… or the mountainous hillsides with their incredible waterfalls and rainbows… astride two beautiful, gentle horses. The horses step easily around all obstacles, carrying you both safely while you enjoy the incredible surrounding beauty.

As you approach an open area, you urge the horses into a rocking canter… they splash through water, which creates miniature rainbows all about you as the drops fly through the air.

Manes and tails streaming in the wind, the horses race to the other side of the clearing. Laughing, you stop the horses near some trees and dismount to enjoy a picnic while the horses crop some grass nearby. What could be more romantic?

There are a number of riding stables available for your enjoyment on Kauai. Take a few moments to research them and choose the one that fits your needs best. They all offer riding tours of various lengths. Whether you prefer a short hour and a half ride, or a longer riding tour, the stables will be able to accommodate your wishes.

If you’re a little nervous about riding, take in a couple lessons first, to learn how to communicate with your horse and to feel at home in the saddle.

By booking one of the horseback riding tours, you can experience Kauai in a whole new way. Touch the trees… learn the history… enjoy the beauty of a land made of fire and water while riding slowly through the land itself.

Motor tours move so fast, you miss the scenery if you blink. Horseback riding puts you right into the thick of it… not only do you get to truly soak up the atmosphere, but you can visit places cars and motor coaches cannot go. Longer riding tours include a lunch and sometimes a swimming break.

Children are welcome to ride as well… and most children would absolutely adore the opportunity to ride a horse. This may very well be the highlight of their trip!

If you’re planning to wed in Hawaii, you can even plan a wedding on horseback. Just bring your gown and tux… the stable will provide the rest. Prices are reasonable, and are adjustable depending on what services you choose.

Whatever horseback riding experience you choose, be sure and make your reservations. You’ll need to wear appropriate clothing, and if you choose a ride that gives you time to swim, you’ll want to wear your swimsuit under your everyday clothes.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Kauai in such an intimate way. Get to know Kauai on horseback.