Jewellery-Building Do-it-yourself Essentials – What is a Leap Ring?


Jump rings are basic components of jewelry design and style and construction, regardless of whether for very simple purposes of attaching charms to necklaces and bracelets or for earning elaborate chain mail (chain maille) earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

What is a jump ring?

Leap rings are loops formed of wire.  The two most popular leap rings are:

  • open, spherical-formed and produced of spherical wire with a single lower that allows the rings be opened and shut
  • shut (soldered), spherical-shaped and manufactured of spherical wire

Other soar rings styles:

  • oval
  • teardrops
  • diamonds
  • triangular wire rings
  • sq. wire rings
  • twisted wire rings

Substantial and Fancy jump rings are more most likely to be utilised as earring drops and other attractive elements. 

Top quality open bounce rings

Very well-made open bounce rings will have finishes that are observed reduce at 90 levels to the “plane” of the rings.  The finishes will “match” jointly properly without demonstrating a large hole.  Economical pieces are usually “chisel-reduce”, which means that equally ends of the wire have a place.  Chisel-cut rings are frequently made of thinner wires that absence the energy for a well-produced piece of jewellery.

How are leap rings utilized?

Link Charms and Findings with Open up Bounce Rings

Plain round and oval open rings are normally made use of to link charms to chains and bracelets.  To join charms and findings this way, use two pairs of pliers.  Flat nose pliers maximize the leap ring location grabbed in the pliers jaws.  Get the ring with both equally pliers to possibly facet of the cut. Transfer the ends away from every single other alongside the ring’s “axis” — not in the ring’s “airplane.”  Place the open up ring by way of the two parts that require to be connected.  Then move the finishes of the bounce ring back again towards each other, wiggling the ends again and forth until finally the cut is tricky to see and also tiny for the pieces to occur out of the loop.

Open oval rings are many situations far better suited for hanging charms than open round rings for the reason that the cut is together the very long aspect of the soar ring.  Gravity tends to pull charms into the closed modest aspect, so they can not even unintentionally escape the ring if the minimize is open.

Use Shut Rings with Lobster Claw Clasps

Closed rings make an excellent target for lobster claw clasps on beaded necklaces, bracelets and anklets.  A crimp fastens the bead wire to a closed ring, which has no hole that will allow the bead wire “escape” from the ring.

Open Leap Ring Bracelets

Some 5/o triangle seed beads and 6/o spherical seed beads will in shape onto a 1mm diameter (18 gauge) bounce ring.  These rings with beads on them can be linked with each other to make triangle seed bead leap ring bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Chain Mail (Chain Maille)

 Open and closed rings can be mixed into strands and sheets.  This kind of jewelry is termed chain mail (or chain maille).  Chain mail armor was worn in Europe in the Middle Ages.  Chain mail jewellery normally takes the notion of chain mail and applies it to earring elements, necklaces and bracelets.  Some of these designs go by names like “Byzantine chain”, “Tryzantine chain”, “Box chain”, “European 4-in-1”, “Foxtail”, “Queen’s Connection” and other passionate names. 

Bounce rings, regardless of whether very simple or fancy, are essential components that just about every jewellery designer wants to understand, whether or not trying to make basic connections, building flashy, open earrings or making complicated chain maille items.