Incredible Thrusting Method That Will Make You Last Longer and Stimulate Her Better At The Same Time


When it comes to lasting longer a lot of men think the solution is unnatural, penis numbing sprays or creams that are very inconvenient and potentially dangerous. There are many, many ways to last longer in bed, and you can use them all during sex – they will add up and give you tremendous lasting power. In this article, I will talk about a thrusting method that will increase your lasting time by at least 5 minutes tonight. Read on.

The best way to treat premature ejaculation is by simple cognitive/physical exercises. These will get rid of PE permanently and also improve your sexual performance incredibly on every front. If you want to take a shortcut and want something that will work this very night, though; here’s a great thing for you.

The thrusting method most men use during sex is a simple “go in – go out – go in – go out” thrust. While this is the standard thrust and very straightforward, it is not the best thrust in terms of your lasting time – this increases the stimulation on your penis glans and it can be very hard to control the level of your arousal.

The winning thrust, coincidentally, not only gives you better control on your arousal level; but it is also more stimulating for your woman – so it’s a win-win!

Instead of simple in and out thrusts, you should use circular motion. Penetrate your partner’s vagina with your penis, then to circular motions that will stimulate your penis glans much lightly than a full thrust. Even better, you can touch your pubic are around your partner’s pubic area – increasing her stimulation by two to three times. You must have heard that the real stimulation women experience during sex comes from around the entrance of the vagina (this is also where the clitoris is located) so if you are able to touch this place with your pubic area, how many inches you are getting in or out doesn’t matter very much!

Through the use of such simple methods and even simpler exercises, I was able to increase my lasting time from half a minute to over 30 minutes, and even longer if I wanted. I recommend those steps to everyone! It is a great feeling to become a monster in bed without the aid of dangerous and unnatural products such as creams or sprays.