How to Treat Fish Diseases in Tropical Fish Tanks – Fin and Tail Rot


You should clean your tank whenever you notice different signs in your fish. You can scrub the inside of the walls of the tank and clean the gravel to remove any solid waste that lies in the bottom layers. Take out the gravel as it will help in better cleaning. You have to reduce harmful bacteria of the tank. Replace the water of the tank. If there is any activated carbon in the filter, you need to take them out too.

The treatment of the fish depends on the amount of injury done to the tail and fin of the fish. You can use Melafix with aquarium salt. This will keep the biological filter in your tank intact. You should mix the salt with water otherwise it will burn the fish. This medicine has no side effects on regular tropical fish. The water will become foamy once you have added the medicine. But, the foam will leave when the treatment is done and the water has been replaced. The treatment mainly includes replacing the tank water, cleaning the sides of the tank, and vacuuming the gravel. You will be able to get rid of the harmful bacteria this way and the fins and tail of the fish will also heal. The fish fins will grow again. If you do not get these results then you should move the fish to another tank with stronger medicine.

Copper sulfate can also be used for the purpose but it damages the fish's gills. If the fish do not heal then you will have to use antibiotics for them. Be careful, do not mix any medicines. You can get all these medications from the pet shop.

Keeping fish tanks, aquariums disease-free

The fish can get this disease because of stress too. You should properly acclimatize your fish. It is always important to maintain your tropical fish tank in the right manner. Keep it clean and change the water regularly. If you spot the first signs of disease, get the necessary medicines and treat your fish with it. You can maintain the health of your fish if you follow the right term.