How to Cook Lobster Tails and Tournados


An extra distinctive handle for any event – If you are making use of smaller sized lobster tails you probably want to increase steak to your menu.


Frozen raw lobster tails, thawed – 4oz to 5oz


Cayenne Pepper

Applying kitchen shears, reduce via the shell, down the center suitable to the close of the shell only. If not completely thawed, keep underneath home temperature tap water to pace the method up. Spread the shell apart slowly and cut meat down the center being cautious not to cut all the way by. Insert a finger underneath the meat (among the cartilage) and gently provide meat to leading of the shell. Push the shell collectively so meat stays on leading of the lobster shell.

Distribute the softened butter generously in a assume layer in excess of meat. Sprinkle flippantly with the cayenne pepper and prepare on a shallow baking pan. If you&#39re not really completely ready to serve you can refrigerate them until all set.

Bake in oven at 550 levels Fahrenheit for about 7 minutes. Serve with melted butter in little bowls or dishes for dipping.

For poached lobster tails put the thawed lobster tails in boiling salted water, include and enable simmer for about 10 minutes. Get rid of cartilage and serve as is, or loosen and cut up meat and exchange in shell just before serving.

This food goes beautiful with baked potatoes, carrots and a Cesar salad. If your attendees are large eaters then introducing steak to the meal may well be a excellent concept. If you feel like maintaining the evening meal extravagant and excess special then Tournados may possibly be a beautiful addition.


Fillet steaks, 1 – – 1 in inches thick.

Bacon Slices



Mushroom Caps

Bread Slices

About every steak circle a slice of bacon and protected with wood toothpick. Fry in margarine, browning the two sides for about 3 minutes for unusual and about 5 minutes just about every aspect for medium. It is crucial to flip the steaks without the need of piercing the meat. Sprinkle with pepper and take away and retain sizzling.

Sauté mushroom caps in frying pan. Reduce bread in circles slightly larger than steaks and then fry to brown the two sides. Place fillets on fried bread rounds and top just about every fillet with a mushroom cap.

After once more this recipe is a attractive addition to the lobster tails or by alone. Serve with potatoes, carrots, salad or any other specific facet dish you have cooked up!