How To Cook Lobster and Make Drawn Butter The New England Way


Learning how to boil a lobster dinner should not be intimidating, it&#39s essentially very quick to make if you adhere to these easy directions. To make the incredibly very best lobster evening meal I recommend utilizing the New England boil method.

The Basic Maine Lobster Boil Recipe:

1. Fill a significant pot fifty percent way whole with water.

2. Include 1/8 cup of Sea Salt.

3. Established your stove burner to large and bring the h2o to a rolling boil.

4. After the drinking water is boiling rapidly, insert the lobsters to the pot, building positive that they are generally submerged.

5. Address the pot so it can return to a boil speedily.

6. When drinking water is boiling once again, convert the burner down to medium superior to access a slower boil and avoid the water from boiling more than.

7. Cook dinner the lobsters 10 minutes for the very first pound and 3 extra minutes for every further pound of lobster, for case in point, a two-pound lobster would boil for 13 minutes.

8. When the lobsters have turned fully crimson, they are finished.

9. Provide with drawn butter and love! (see drawn butter recipe down below.

Drawn Butter Recipe

1. Soften Butter in a tiny or medium sauce pan and slowly and gradually bring butter to a slow boil.

2. Get rid of the foam and solids that acquire on the area of the butter.

3. Eliminate from burner and diligently ladle the drawn butter into little particular person serving cups.

Lobster is a lot more than just a food, it&#39s a exclusive delicacy that provides, enjoyment, experience and joy to so lots of who share in the extraordinary practical experience that lobster has to offer.