How to Burn Belly Fat Fast – Making Calories Your Friend


Many people ask me how to burn belly fat fast. My response is always the same. There are many ways to do this but most diets concentrate on avoiding the foods you love and really want. That's the main reason that most diets fail and result in weight gain. We do not want to deprive ourselves of the foods we want and we do not have to.

Here is how to burn belly fat fast without depriving yourself.

1.High calorie taste with low calorie results. There are several foods that actually taste calorie rich but really have very little calories in them. Some foods like this are:

-> Smoked salmon. Two ounces contain only 66 calories. For a little extra taste, add a little sprinkle of capers.
-> Shrimp. In 12 large shrimp, you'll find only about 60 calories.
-> Lobster will give you 83 calories for 3 ounces.
-> Whipped cream. Surprisingly this has just 8 calories for every tablespoon. I love to add a little on top of a bowl of fresh fruit as a delicious desert.

2.If you're going to be counting calories (not necessary), make sure your math is right. Most people tend to estimate their daily intake of calories on the low side. A good tip is to add an extra 10% to the number you're thinking. So if you're taking 1700 calories a day, add an extra 170 and bump it up to 1870. Then you can adjust you're diet and exercise plan accordingly.

3.Make high calorie foods a part of your snack. If you're having some chips for example, take a big scoop of fresh salsa with every chip. Another example is taking a little less ice cream and adding some fruit.