Favorite Seafood Dishes For Beginners


Love it or hate it, seafood is a bold type of cuisine with a huge variety unique flavors and textures. There's usually no in-between. Most people either hate seafood or they love it with a passion and crave it. If you are new to seafood, here are a few dishes you should try, such as at seafood restaurants in Monterey.

Seafood has unique flavors, some of them very strong and sometimes described as "fishy." If you're new to seafood, you'll want to start with a dish that has milder flavors and textures. A good salmon dish is an excellent place to start. Fresh grilled wild salmon is one of the most desirable dishes when it comes to seafood. It's flavorful and filling but without a bold seafood taste. It can be served in a variety of ways. Some favorites are tangy citrus and vinegar reductions or milder cream sauces. Another great seafood dish is stuffed ravioli pasta with crab or lobster. With stuffed seafood ravioli you'll get the familiar comfort of stuffed pasta, but with the added unique flavor and texture of crab or lobster meat.

It's a delicious choice for experiencing seafood in a familiar way. The more daring seafood newbie might want to try something a little bolder. Fried calamari (fried squid) is a delicious appetizer made of battered and deep fried squid meat and tentacles, usually paired with tartar or cocktail dipping sauces. The texture may be a bit tricky at first but the flavor is sure to win you over. These delicious dishes are great for any seafood beginner.