Easter Games For Kids Easter Party


Count The Eggs game: This is fun filled number game. All you need is a glass jar, few chocolate egg, paper pieces, pencil and an Easter Basket. Before starting the game handout a piece of paper and pencil to each of the participant. Then ask them to write down there name and the guess. As to how many chocolates are there in the jar. The one who comes closest or gives the exact count. Turns out to be the winner.

Guess ??? Who am I game: This is again a real funny game and your guests will have a great time playing the guess work game. All you need is some nice small stuffed toys. It would be good if you can get some related to the Easter tradition. As the guests arrive at the door. Pin a stuffed small animal at their back. Through the course of the party they have to ask each other questions and the other one is just suppose to answer the question in No or Yes. For example: they can ask "Do I have a tail?" etc. At the end of the party each child will give their assumptions, based on the questions they asked. As to who they think they are. Those who guess it right get a basket full of candies.

The Fruit Basket game: If you have a backyard, feel lucky this game is perfect to play in your yard. Arrange few chairs in a circle and have all the guests sit. Once everyone is settled you can explain the rule. The rule of the game is for example: if you say "I'm grateful for people with blue eyes" all the people who have blue eyes will change places. By the time they are changing places, one of the helper will remove a chair. The one who is left is out. This game is repeated with various questions and the one left in the end is the winner. He will get a, Easter basket full of fruits.

Easter Egg Hunt: No Easter party is complete without an Easter egg hunt game. This year you can have a easter egg hunt game with a little variation. Send your guests on a search for hidden Easter basket of trips. Start by numbering the plastic eggs that will hold your clues you can also use scrapbooking stickers and stick them to 6 eggs. Hide the basket, then write a clue to its location and place it inside egg number 6. Next, find a spot for this egg, write a clue to its hiding place, and put that in egg number 5. Continue in this fashion until you 've hidden all but the number 1 egg, then hand this egg to your child to begin the hunt.

Egg-Spoon Race: If you are lucky enough to have a yard and nice weather, then why not take your guests outdoors! You will need one egg (raw or hard boiled) and one spoon for each person participating in the race. Line contestants up next to each other on a starting line. Racers should have a point across the yard to race to (check point line). When the race starts, each contantant has to race from the starting line across to the checkpoint line, and then turn around and come back to the starting line. The contestants have to keep their eggs balanced in their spoon, without using their other hand for support. If the egg drops, but is not broken, the contantant can pick up the egg and resume the race. The first contingent to make it back to the starting line wins the race.

Happy Easter !!