Different Types Of Exotic Cowboy Boots


I'm sure you are aware that most of the cowboy boots out there are made of calfskin. You can also find those that made of pigskin, horsehide and even kangaroo skin.

But there are some exotic boots out there that are made from special kinds of skins. They usually have their own features and characteristics which make them really unique. If you are tired of wearing the same old boots and if you are looking for variations in style, then this might be what you are looking for.

1. Ostrich And Alligator Boots

Let's start with the two most commonly used exotic boots first and they are the ostrich boots and alligator boots. Both of these boots are durable. While alligator may require some proper care if you want them to last long but ostrich boots are very strong and sturdy. Ostrich boots can last very long with very little care and maintenance.

2. Lizard, Rattlesnake And Others

Apart from ostrich and alligator, the other common type of exotic boots you can find are the lizard and the rattlesnake boots. As the name implies, they are made of lizard skin and rattlesnake skin. They are better known for their flexibility. The rattlesnake skin is tanned in a special way, and because of that, cream and polishes are not necessary to maintain its shine and natural beauty.

Other boots that come under this category are the ones that made of stingray skin, eel skin and python skins.

All these boots come in different sizes, shapes, colors, patterns and designs. If you are interested, some of the manufacturers you can check out are Dan Post, Durango, Laredo, and Dingo.