Buying Lobster Online Or at the Supermarket, Which is Better?

Instead of waiting for the grocer to ship in stale lobsters, why not go straight to the source through the internet and have fresh Maine lobster shipped to your doorstep. There are dozens of websites who put fishermen together with buyers for their wares, right from the ocean. The lobsters are caught during the day and can be at your home within 24 hours.

Buying online allows you to cut out the middleman and thereby cut down on the cost. However you will still have to be vigilant against hidden shipping costs. This is especially true if you take advantage of sales and seasonal buying. For instance, Main lobster is best priced in the spring and summertime when it is most abundant. That is the best time to buy. By the same token, from January to March, you would be better off eating other types of seafood.

Prior to making your purchase, determine whether or not the site from which you want to buy has a reimbursement policy. This is to cover the possibility of something happening to the product in transit. Maine lobster is very fragile. It can only be stored on ice for a few hours and must be cooked on the same day that it arrives at your home. Once a lobster dies, it is no good and cannot be eaten due to the buildup of deadly bacteria.

It is best to select small one pound lobsters because the bigger they are the tougher and chewier the meat. Plan on adding a bunch of side dishes to your family feast to round out the smaller portions of meat.

So choose and plan carefully when buying Maine lobster. There are also lots of options on how to prepare the delicacy, from boiling, to steaming, to broiling, to grilling. The possibilities are endless.