Boating Season is Coming! Get Your BRASS in Gear!


It's definitely the time of year to get into the nautical mood, preparing your boat and your home for the great vacations, weekends on the water, and the guests you'll welcome in your home and on board your boat.
From ski boat to yacht, the right accouterments set the mood and let those you bring aboard know you're a boater extraordinaire.

Let's begin with the very basic – we all need to know the time as the weekend or the evening cruise slips by. There are numerous brass clocks built for the speedy little runabout all the way up to the elegant mega-yacht. They come in porthole and ship's wheel motif, or a full-face clock with the military time numerals included. You can also get a striking clock – one that chimes the bells of the watch every half hour.

A barometer just naturally goes with your special clock, and often you can get them as a set, joined together or separately and you can choose your own base – or just bolt them to a bulkhead
And no ship is complete without a ship's bell.

Brass is the way to go for all your nautical knick knacks. It has a luster and a beauty that carries on year after year with little maintenance. All it requests is attention by a soft, lint-less cloth every now and then, and sometimes a little elbow grease and some Brasso while you're doing your pre-commissioning.

For your cabin or your home rec room or great room you can find hurricane lamps and various nautical lanterns, engine telegraphs, porthole windows and mirrors, chart magnifiers, sextants, boatswain's whistles, key hangers, room plaques – whatever your imagination can conjure up is probably available.

Brass is prized at sea for its beauty and durability, and its ease of maintenance. Brass is the way to go for your summer nautical enjoyment.