Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

Bass fishing, I can say without a doubt, is my favorite kind of fishing. I particularly like topwater fishing for bass because of the heart pounding strikes that happen with that particular technique. You not only feel the strike, you most often see it and hear it as well. It's an amazing feeling, and this type of fishing alone, I venture to say, would get anyone hooked on fishing.

I would like to cover some of the common bass fishing tips and techniques that are used in almost all areas around the world. In order to be a great bass angler you must understand the predatory behavior of the fish. If you understand the behavior during different times of the year and under varying conditions you can better understand the techniques for catching them.

There is a certain time during the spring spawn where it almost does not matter what technique you use, you will catch bass, as long as you know where they are. As a teenager I would often visit the campground where my father stayed during the warm months. I barely did anything but eat, sleep and fish, with the occasional dip in the pool. I learned quickly that the bass stayed shallow during the spawn and the big males would hang around to look after the young ones.

The males guarding the nest already did their binge eating prior to this so they would not bite because they were hungry but they would bite because they were angry and wanted to keep any moving object away from their nest. I learned from watching various fishing shows that these males would strike just about anything that swims by. In order to prove this, I decided to tie on a bare hook. I used the type of hook you would use for Texas rigging but left the plastic off. I dangled my line in the water with my hook just below the surface and sure enough, strike after strike after strike!

It is very exciting the amount of fish you catch during this time period, but with that said I must mention that I rarely if ever practice this type of bass fishing any longer. There really is no sport in it and I was keeping the males out of the water just long enough for a predator to swoop in and steal the unborn babies. I catch enough fish to not miss it that much.

There is one sure way to catch bass that I'd like to tell you about. The best I can offer anyone that is in search of bass fishing tips and techniques, is something that my uncle told me as a young boy. He called it bass fishing 101 and said it was all I really needed to know on the subject.

He explained that, for whichever body of water I wanted to fish, I should learn of the local prey that the bass were after at the time of year I was fishing. Use an artificial lure that resembles and mimics the behavior of that prey and you would be hard pressed not to catch fish. That turned out to be sound advice from my uncle, one of the best bass fishing tips that I can pass along.

I'll close out with a story that he told me that drive this theory home. He told me about a body of water in Michigan where a tiny red and black bird lived in the trees along the edge of the water. The birds would fly into the water to bathe and eat tiny insects, causing a bit of a disturbance as they wiggled about on top of the water. The bass and other large fish would gobble these birds up daily!

A local craftsman created a topwater lure that resembled the color and behavior and size of the bird and it worked like a charm for catching large bass! He had since tried different colors to make it more marketable but they failed miserably. Also worth noting, the red and black lure was not nearly as successful in other bodies of water. There you go, determine what the local prey is, which most times will be more common than the bird example, and you will likely find a matching lure. Tie it on and catch some fish! Best of luck.