Bait and Switch Charter Boat Style


Have you ever seen an ad for a charter boat service that looked like a great price? Then thinking you were getting a bargain booked the charter trusting the advertisement. You arrive to find a boat that has not been well maintained and the cabin may not even have air-conditioning or other basic features you would expect on a private charter. Most of these do not even have adequate fishing finding equipment and then it gets worse. The boat does not even take you where the fish are. Due to the expense of gas they do not even take you too far out. So your trip that was a bargain ends up being four hours of what John Luke (a guy that booked such a trip) said "was pure misery". John Latham said, "The trip was a real scam". It was hot and very noisy. This was the first trip deep sea fishing trip he had ever taken his 11 year old son on. He had hoped it would be a memorable trip and he could see the joy in his son's eyes as he lands a good size fish. However this is not what happened.

A Bad Fishing Trip

On this trip; John says, "the charter barely got to what most would say is deep sea fishing". The whole time they only have a few bait types of fish. "Then my son finally hooked a Red Fish", John says. However the deck hand grabs the rod out of his hand and reeled it in. "My son almost looked disappointed because he did not feel he had actually caught the fish", John exclaims. John describes, "the trip as a scam compared to how the flyer depicted the charter". He said, "this is really best described as bait and switch".

Beware Charter Boat Scams

The bottom line is it takes a few hundred dollars of gas for a charter boat to take you out and back to where the best sites are to catch some good quality fish. Nice boats cost a lot to buy and maintain. So if you do the math yourself then when you see an ad for discount deep sea fishing; then you will realize it's a scam. Charter Boat Fishing especially with your family should be a memory you will cherish for a lifetime.

Charter Fishing in Destin the Right Way!
If you want a great fishing trip in Destin; please be sure to book a reputable charter fishing company. Do not make John Latham's mistake!

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