4 Ways To Position Your Business and Improve Your Profits


Fellow business builder, here’s something for you to dig deep into this week. Whenever you start working with a new client, you put a significant amount of your time into the positioning of them in the market place. You want to make sure they know where they stand in the buyers eyes, and what makes them the one and only choice in a competitive situation. It is not simple.

Most entrepreneurs want to be everything to everyone but you all know that strategy is doomed to fail. So what does work?

How do you re-position yourself in the market? How do you find the ‘thing’ that puts you heads and tails above the others?

Here are 4 strategies that may help you get clear:

1. Pick on the competition blatantly! This is the exact strategy that Avis took when they wanted to go head to head against Hertz. The whole “we’re #2. We try harder.” Approach worked like wildfire for Avis.

They turned their competitors main advantage (being #1) into a David vs. Goliath approach. And people ate it up. This approach works just as well today, maybe even better, than it did then.

People mistrust big corporations more. They want specialized attention. They like dealing direct with the owner(s). They like the tlc they can get from the smaller guys so give it to them. Don’t try to hide from the competition make the competitions so-called ‘advantages’ into a disadvantage.

2. Big benefit. Is there one thing you can do or provide that makes the entire investment in your product or service seem minuscule? If you look at the big picture is there one thing about your product or services that justifies the price every single time? Compared to your competition? Or are they saying the same thing? There is almost always something there for you; it just takes some digging on your part.

3. Your buyers. Who are they and what makes them, specifically different from other buyers? Going back to standard customer research you must know your buyers better than anyone else does.

You need to know: what they think about, what they worry about, what foods they eat (and hate), what their drink of choice is, what books they read (and how often), what movies they watch, what hobbies they have, what their biggest dreams are, and what their grandest desires are. Not an easy task. But imagine what power you hold when you do!

Going back to the 80/20 rule how does it apply to your buyers? Your top 20% of buyers… what do you know about them? How can you find more of just that 20%? What about the 20% of those 20%? What makes them different? You can redesign an entire business around the strategy of selling to a VERY specific business. And you should!

This is an easy way to grow your profits rapidly, while making your marketing much more targeted and focus on a very specific person (which makes it much easier to find the marketing media to reach them).

4. Picking on the problem. One traditional MD has changed her focus to the more natural ways to help the body inside and out.

Her biggest pet peeve right now? Flu vaccinations. We are right in the middle of the immunization drive to get everyone and their dog into the doctors for a flu shot. People are panicking about the H1N1 hype. And she is hopping mad!

Did you know that flu shots use formaldehyde? The exact same ingredient that is used to preserve DEAD BODIES? That’s right, little Johnny there is getting a flu shot and injected with embalming fluid at the same time. Not quite what you thought would be in the flu vaccine? Well it is.

And when this MD makes a stand against the traditional medical establishment and the ridiculous things they do, claiming it is for your ‘health’, people pay attention.

People are mortified when they realize how little they know about these shots the medical authorities are putting in your body. They have assumed, until now, that the medical community was acting in their best interest.

Once their eyes are open to the real problem, the real underlying issue that no one else is talking about… this doctor has their complete attention. She is seeing record sales this year (in a private clinic… much rarer in Canada than the US).

There is good reason why: she picked on the real problem (lack of real education about the traditional medical ‘cures’), and is guiding her clients and prospects to a much more educated and intelligent way of deciding who is injecting what into your baby girls blood.

These are 4 simple strategies that might get you thinking.

Pick one – and find some ways to make it fit your business.The economy is sluggish in most parts but the signs are picking up and people are spending more.

Are you preparing yourself to tap into it? Or are you hoping and praying that when people start buying again, they are waiting with credit cards in hand to buy from the same old pitch you have always used?

Maybe it’s time to invest some brain power on a new strategy for the remaining 9 months. Don’t wait… get busy! I would love to hear your ideas.