3 Best Parrots Types That You Can Train


Parrots are beautiful and intelligent birds that make for very god pets. They can be trained to talk, sing, produce sounds of variable types and entertain us endlessly. They live long years and have life spans of around sixty to a hundred year. So, you can actually go for a life long relation with any one parrot because you know that they will stay with you till you die. There are many varieties of parrots available for taming and training but the three that we have selected are the best all. If you are interested in any other type then please get our parrot training newsletter and know it all.

African Gray

These parrots are medium sized and are typically of a greyish color. Sometimes they have a red tail and red wings along with their gray bodies. These parrots are the best of all parrots in speech. They can speak a variety of words and can imitate any sound with equal dexterity. However it can never be guaranteed that the Gray you choose will talk no matter what. Gray's have been known who never talked and did not even show signs of talking altogether. They are generally loud and screaming birds who need lots of attention from our side to become bonded to us. Once bonded, the bird will be loyal and will love you more than you can think possible.


These parrots are small sized and have very big tails attached to their bodies. They come in many colors and are extremely intelligent. They love to fool around, clown others and play endlessly. They are also good at learning tricks and taking up training effectively. They can be taught to speak but need a lot of care and attention. The down side of these parrots are that they are best suited for owners who can pay them a lot of attention and constantly accompany them; basically owners who spend most of their time at home.

This is because they need several hours of training every day to learn how to socialize, not bite the owner and correct behavioral defects. These birds usually screech very much and make a lot of noise and racket but if they are given an early training then they can be made to control themselves so that the screeching does not become a problem.


These parrots have been known to survive for about more than fifty years and knowing this you should be ready for a long relation with your bird. It is one of the largest birds of the parrot family and requires a big cage for it to move around freely. The cage needs to be high and wide so that the bird is comfortable in it. this bird too needs to be kept out of their cage for many hours everyday so that they get accustomed to their owner and family.

It has a very strong beak and a tendency to bite out everything possible. Therefore they turn out to be great furniture destroyers though with the help of toys this can be completely stopped. They need a variety of toys that have to be alternated regularly so that they can be stimulated constantly.