How to Get ready Ekuru and Pap

Ekuru is a tasty dish created from beans which belongs to the legume spouse and children. Beans are possibly white or brown, but there are kidney forms and hues found that are indigenous to the western countries like Europe and the United States of The usa. But in Africa, the white and the brown species are indigenous to us, with the brown remaining subdivided into the ordinary style and the sweet range. They can be cooked complete or washed with the pores and skin taken out and blended at the area mill to put together some tantalizing Nigerian dishes utilizing straightforward recipes for fabulous benefits.

For this generate up, the dish beneath dialogue is Ekuru which can be prepared with either white beans or the brown selection. It entails washing the beans to clear away the skin and mixing at the nearby mill to deliver a clean dependable paste for making ready the dish which is uncomplicated and is as follows. Ingredients and measurements is dependent on the variety of people that the dish is meant for, this dish is becoming geared up for four persons, so when planning for loved ones or friends or whatever the situation evaluate appropriately.


  • 3 cups of beans
  • Ground crayfish
  • Smoked fish or fresh fish according to specific style or desire
  • Liver cooked and diced up
  • 3 medium sized tatashe or bell pepper
  • 4 rhodo or chili pepper
  • Tomatoes is optional as in some situations tends to make the dish pudgy
  • Aluminum foil or tin containers or moin-moin leaves which can be discovered regionally bought in the marketplace. It is the most preferable as it improves the flavor and aroma of the ultimate products – the dish.
  • Maggi according to specific taste needs
  • Salt
  • Warm water
  • 1 Onion large sizing


  • Very first matters initial, soak the beans in h2o just after getting rid of stones and grime for about 30min or overnight dependent on how before long you want to make the dish, take away the pores and skin which has now grow to be smooth and wash the beans clean.
  • Insert the tatashe, onion, rhodo and tomatoes if applicable to the washed beans and mix at the neighborhood mill for a sleek steady paste. The blender are unable to make this clean and constant paste which is important in its preparing.
  • Cook dinner the contemporary fish if employing it or/and the liver, if you have not cooked and diced it still.
  • Pour the blended paste into a cleanse bowl, increase the remaining elements one after the other examining for a fantastic flavor to stop in excess of salting the dish. When the palate feels the salt content is okay, then it really is interesting.
  • Mix the combination correctly for an even constituency and scoop paste into the moin-moin leaves or the aluminum containers about two thirds comprehensive to enable for the paste soaring for the duration of the cooking system and include with the aluminum foil.
  • Cook right until the dish is finished about 45mins to an hour when the foods is hardened and no extended semi liquid paste.
  • Clear away from heat and provide with pap, custard or any other drink or semi liquid meals ideal.

Ekuru and moin-moin are similar and are organized the very same way identical for a slight variation, which is that for Ekuru, there is no addition of oil irrespective of whether vegetable oil or palm oil at all generating a white semi transparent semi sound dish which is equally tantalizing.


This is an accompaniment for the Ekuru and can be washed down with a chilled bottle of drink for lunch or a juice at supper or just basically water.


  • Custard powder
  • Kettle
  • Drinking water
  • Sugar or honey
  • Milk or product


  • Blend some quantity or scoops of custard powder with drinking water to get a a bit thick liquid adding sugar and milk straight away or later as you motivation.
  • Boil water but do not allow for to boil but eliminate from heat ahead of boiling effectively to pour into the custard paste to stop formation of curds.
  • Stir until eventually the combination is even and consistent
  • Garnish with berries, apple, orange and other fruits or include vanilla for excess taste.

The tantalizing aroma can be smelt from significantly away and when blended with Ekuru is simply tasty and yummy. A need to consider for individuals looking for versatility and these who need to test out international dishes