Erotic Seafood Recipes

Fettuccini with Oysters and Shrimp


– 250g new fettuccini without eggs

– 8 oysters

– 8 fresh new shelled shrimp

– arugula

– more-virgin olive oil

– 1 clove of garlic

– salt and pepper


Open up the oysters and get rid of their 2 valves. Finely chop the two the oysters and shrimp. Fry both of those in a pan with oil, garlic and arugula. Increase salt and pepper to taste. Cook the fettuccini al dente and combine with the previously organized oyster and shrimp sauce. Garnish just about every plate with the oyster’s valves and some clean arugula.

Drunk Lobster

For two

– 1 lobster

– &frac12 liter of red wine

– blended salads

– mayonnaise

– paprika

– caviar (lumpfish eggs are an economical substitute)

– cognac


Submerge the lobster in a pot loaded with the &frac12 liter of wine, permitting it to drink the wine for about 2 hours. Then increase 2 liters of h2o and little by little cook for about 15 minutes. Once accomplished split the lobster in 50 % and get rid of the innards. Dip it a moment in the wine and h2o to fortify the taste. Prepare the lobster on a mattress of wild salads. To liven up the two mayonnaises paprika and a number of drops of cognac for the pink one, caviar (or as an affordable choice, lumpfish eggs) and cognac for the dim 1. Get ready the mayonnaise (or obtain it well prepared) and divide it into two portions. Blend the paprika and a handful of drops of cognac into the very first portion, caviar and cognac into the next. Unfold each individual portion on one particular half of the lobster and provide, garnished most likely with brightly coloured flowers.


Substances for 2

– 500g of sea bass or striped bass

– 6 shrimp

– 8 medium-sized asparagus

– blended salad

– 1 lemon

– extra-virgin olive oil

– salt

– pepper


Fillet the fish and then lower it into slender slices (if you are not quite adept with a knife, have the fishmonger do it for you).

Marinate the fish for a few minutes in a combination of more-virgin olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. In the meantime boil the asparagus in evenly salted h2o. In another pot, boil the 6 shrimp for 5 minutes. Then shell them, but go away the tail on for ornamental result. Get ready the two portions by resting the slices of bass, which you will by now have removed from the marinade, on a salad bed (for a far more chromatic influence, use pink and inexperienced salad). Then increase the factors of the asparagus and the shrimp. Prime it off with a slice of lemon, some pepper and a number of red rose petals.