Does Chitosan Help with Fat Decline?

Chitosan is a type of fiber which is made from the shells of crustaceans, this sort of as shrimp, lobster, squid or crab. The human system does not digest fiber very well, and as it passes as a result of the digestive tract it can bind fats. This will cause them to be unabsorbed, much too. Since chitosan is a fiber, it was so hypothesized that it could be productive for pounds decline by reducing extra fat absorption.

The bulk of research finished have not verified this, nonetheless. In truth, in the major double-blind placebo-managed study performed with the supplement, 250 chubby folks who obtained 3 mg of chitosan daily for 6 months did not display any considerable weight reduction when in comparison to those people men and women in the placebo team.

Are there any adverse repercussions to using chitosan?

Of course.

It has been proven that higher doses of chitosan taken above a prolonged period of time can induce the depletion of various vital minerals, these kinds of as calcium, magnesium, selenium, and vitamins A, D, E and K. Because all these are essential for bone advancement, a depletion can set the stage for the development of osteoporosis.

There has also been a report of arsenic poisoning originating from chitosan supplementation. Seemingly crustacean shells can consist of arsenic which unknowingly can grow to be part of the chitosan nutritional supplement. Taken about a long period of time of time, toxicity and frequently death can occur.

Base Line: Limited expression use of chitosan (ie, many weeks) is additional than probably not a dilemma. Its not possible to be a great deal aid with pounds reduction. Not for expecting women and small children, even so!