Are You Chasing Your Tail

What are you providing your awareness to, your earlier
or your long run, your problem or the resolution?
I do not know about you but sometimes I experience
like a pet chasing its tail. I sometimes
go all-around and close to chasing my previous and my challenge.
Active chasing things that I can never ever capture or transform.

Anxiously placing time and strength into a little something
that will by no means be positive or productive. And
it most surely will not bring about thinking
modify. I when hear Bishop Jakes say “Your earlier
is not holding you. You are holding your previous. ”

As soon as all over again I check with what are you giving your
consideration to? Race motor vehicle drivers are taught to
glimpse away from the wall when they spin out
command simply because they have a tendency to steer
the auto in the way they are giving them
interest to.

I am not declaring that you should dismiss your
previous. You should study your earlier not stay in
it or chasing it. The victors in daily life are the
ones who determine out what went incorrect and get
corrective motion to make sure that
it does not transpire yet again. Normally just
like the doggy you will proceed to chase
your tail.

It does not issue what you&#39ve gone via in
the earlier, it really does not subject how many
setbacks you&#39ve endured or who has harm you.

These days is new working day you can stop chasing your
tail. Make your self a greater man or woman by shifting
in the course of your divine vision.

Do not holdup your fantastic long term by
dwelling on the pains in your previous. Prevent heading
around the similar mountain, go northward to
the guarantees of your goals.